Friday, July 3, 2020

Looking toward fall

Covid has certainly had an impact on our group.

The Encore directors are working on putting groups together, based on the interest of returning families. If you have not received a survey, please email for a link to the survey.

Some families are willing to return, to groups, in person. Others have expressed interest in online options. Once we hear from the majority of our families, and interested new families, decisions can be made.

Thanks for all your support. Stay tuned to this site and our group facebook site, for updates.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

End of semester announcement

Well, here we are - at the end of March, and still unable to get back to normal. It goes without saying, that we are not going to return this semester, but wanted to reach out anyway. I am sad, for many reasons - this has been hard for the directors and me. We wanted to get back to rehearsals and prepare for a recital.

I sent out a video to the Bitty Beats families, and I hope they will share it with others. It is also posted on our Encore fb page, the Lawrence Learning Link, and my personal fb page. Emily has gone to a few nursing facilities, singing to residents from outside their windows. She is able to teach her private lessons remotely, but much of her business has come to a halt. Three of my five kids are self-employed - it has been tough on many.

Mr. Swisher and I talked this morning, he is working from home, on instruments that he took home when Meyer Music closed. He mentioned that he was running out of paper towels, so my oldest son, who lives a few blocks away, is taking him a few rolls today. He needs them for his work, with all the chemicals he uses. This virus has now reduced our conversation to the differences in various brands of toilet paper. Wow, how times have changed. I am pretty sure that Mr Swisher and I have never had that discussion before. 

Mr. Gaskin and I have conversed over text this week. All seems to be well at his house. Since  we are neighbors, I can see him in his kitchen - it may sound like I stalk him, but I don't.  His sweet daughter, Sarah, has come back home, so I know he is enjoying having her around. I checked on Buttons, and all is well with him. HIs wife is an essential employee, at a bank, which only allow drive through transactions. Keep all those that are deemed "essential" - in your thoughts and prayers.

I am working remotely from home, as is my husband. He teaches middle school social studies, online - so he is plenty busy. My work is certainly easier when face-to-face, but it is amazing how we all adapt, when called to. Those who know me well, know that I lost one of my dogs this week - on my birthday, no less. It seemed compounded by the state we are all in. I had to say my goodbyes at the door, only pets and personnel allowed inside. It has been hard, but I decided to get busy checking on people, seeing what they might need, and that has lifted my spirits. Once I can get some elastic, I plan on making masks for medical and essential workers.

I miss you all. I miss hearing the music, watching you all visiting and enjoying each other's company. I miss helping a sewing student finish a project that she was very excited about. I miss being and feeling normal. I appreciate you all. If you would like, shoot me a message about how and what you are doing. 

You all take care and stay safe.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Change in plans - please read

Dear Encore Families,

I spent today talking with other TEACH class leaders, to see how they are planning classes, during this virus situation. Everyone I talked with, plans to continue to meet, and I was prepared to do the same. However, there is so much worry among some families, that it seems easier to take the remainder of March off. 

If all goes well, we will meet in April, which may include Good Friday - which we typically take off. One thing everyone can agree on, this has not been a typical semester, but as homeschooling families, we adapt well.

Please watch our blog/site and facebook for information about getting back to rehearsing. If we are fortunate to have a recital, it will be on Tuesday, April 28th.

To repeat - no Encore for the rest of the month, stay turned for news about resuming in April.

Thanks everyone!


Monday, March 9, 2020

Encore meets during spring break

Just a reminder that Encore meets this Friday, March 13th, even though Lawrence Schools are on spring break.

We will take Good Friday off, April 10th. Then resume to finish off the semester.

The directors and I are working on a Spring Recital day and time.  Once it is confirmed with Christ Community Church - I will announce the date. It is looking like the last week of April.

Some families still owe fees for this semester. You can pay the director or see me between 9:45 and 11:30 on Fridays.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

NO Choir or Guitar on January 31st

Mr Gaskin is ill and will not be teaching Choir or Guitar classes tomorrow. He will see everyone next Friday.

All other groups will meet tomorrow.

Friday, January 24, 2020

We DO meet today - January 24th

We were spared from getting a lot of snow, here in Lawrence. We will meet today, but as always, the decision to get out, is yours.

We are looking forward to getting the semester started.

Be safe!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Weather cancellation - for January 17th

Encore WILL NOT meet tomorrow - Friday, January 17th. 

I didn't want to wait for the school district to cancel classes - if it is beautiful tomorrow and we avoided bad weather - then we shall all enjoy it! Otherwise, stay safe, warm, and healthy.

See you all next week.