Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Academic and Fine Arts Competition

Hello Encore Families,

I just received information about a great opportunity for our kids to compete in fine arts and academics. This competition is being held by Blue Ridge Christian School in Kansas City, MO.

The competition is April 17th and the deadline to register is March 13th. However, I have to send all the information and fees in at once, so in order to meet that deadline, I will need forms and fees by March 6th.

If your student is interested in competing in music, math, drama, writing, art, science, speech, or photography and is grades 7 - 12th, contact me for more information. The large group fee has been paid by TEACH, so that makes the individual fees only $7.00 per entry. Participating families must be members of TEACH to register. If you need that form, let me know.

There are specific rules for each division. I would be happy to visit with you individually about the areas that are open to our students.

UPDATE - March 14, 2009 -

The deadline has passed to sign up for this competition. There was a lot of interest and many signed up. Check back for more details after the festival.