Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time for band auditions

If you are a new or a returning Encore Band member, please put August 28th on your calendar to audition for Intermediate and/or Jazz Band. Auditions will be held at the Morris Center - 146 Indian Ave. - Lawrence, KS. We will begin at 10:00 am and students will audition on a "first come" basis.

In order to know the level and ability of all the students, it is important that all members audition with Mr. Swischer. (new and returning beginning band members do not have to audition)

There are four levels of band: Beginning, Intermediate, Jazz, and Advanced Ensemble.

Beginning band is for those students that are just learning a new instrument, but it isn't just for the "very" beginner. Some students stay in the beginning level for two or more years. There are no auditions necessary for this level. Students range in age from nine years old - high school. Some students are in higher bands but want to start a new instrument and join the beginning band to play that instrument. Beginning band should be thought of as an "apprentice" band and being held back to play at this level is common.

Intermediate band (Concert Band) is our largest group and an audition is required to play at this level. All ages and grade levels are in this group.

Audition piece(s) for this band:

#1 - Regal March - found in Standard of Excellence - Book 1
#2 - A piece of your choosing that shows the level you are at

Jazz band - members are chosen by audition by Mr. Swischer. Email Mrs. Bachert if you are interested in auditioning for jazz band.

Advanced Ensemble is a select "chamber" group. This group is small and members are selected by the need of particular instruments to play chamber music. The student needs to have a superior audition and be studying with a private teacher. If you are interested in auditioning for this group, contact Mrs. Bachert for audition details.

If you are in any of these groups and WILL NOT be returning, please email Mrs. Bachert.

All groups are planning on beginning the rehearsal year on September 11th.