Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hello Everyone,

There will be no band, choir, or orchestra this Friday, November 27. Rehearsals will resume the following Friday, December 4th.

There are two rehearsals left before the end of the semester and the recital on December 13th.

For those interested in bringing cookies, brownies, etc., to your child's director, we will be doing that on our last rehearsal - December 11th. (I know that Mr. Gaskin and Mr. Swischer have quite a sweet tooth and chocolate is a favorite :o)

We will be losing one of our faithful and a long-time member of our group. Ben Munson, who plays tuba in intermediate band and flute in jazz band, will be moving to Kentucky in December. In fact he will move before our recital. Ben has been with the Encore group for six years and will be missed. Best wishes to Ben and his family!

Finally, birthday greetings to Mr. Swischer!!! His birthday is November 28th. Happy Birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!