Monday, June 28, 2010

Fine arts news for fall

I interrupt your summer with a fine arts "update" - dates to make note of, information about upcoming auditions and announcing an opportunity for new musicians to try instruments.

We used to send students to Hume Music Store to try various instruments, but they have closed. So to give students a chance to see what instrument they like the best, we will offer a morning session in August to meet for that purpose. Information regarding the day and time is posted below as information for new students.

It doesn't seem possible, but we are about to begin our eighth year. There are not a lot of changes for this year, just a few. Tuition, rehearsal day, and location will remain the same.

Mr. Swisher, our band director, will direct the orchestra this year. For those who didn't already know, he played the violin before trumpet or flute. If you haven't had a chance to meet Mr. Swisher, you will find him to be very knowledgeable and fun. (be prepared for "Uncle Kenny" stories though :o)

Hope everyone is having a great summer. We look forward to seeing you all in August for auditions. If you have any questions, be sure to email or call.

Here is the basic information that is being sent out for new students - feel free to pass it on. (current students should take note of day and times for auditions and the beginning of rehearsals)

The Encore Homeschool Fine Arts groups are gearing up for our eighth year. We offer beginning band, intermediate band, jazz band, orchestra, elementary and junior high/high school choir. We have several students that are involved in two or more groups.

All groups meet on Friday mornings at The Morris Baptist Center - 146 Indian Ave., Lawrence, KS. - off of Highway 10 in east Lawrence. The tuition is $95.00 per semester. There is a discounted rate for families that have more than one student in a group with the same director. ($95.00 for the first student, $70.00 for second, third, etc...)

If your student has not played an instrument before, we will be offering an opportunity to try various instruments to determine what fits the student best. The band/orchestra director, along with some of our high school members will be available on August 13th, from 10:00 - noon to assist students in exploring the possible choices. Please email or call the contact below with questions or to sign up for this opportunity.

For students that already play an instrument and want to join one of the groups, an audition can be set up on August 13th or 27th. Beginning band/orchestra members do not have to audition. Those wishing a spot in the intermediate level or jazz band should plan to play for the director. (audition music is a piece of your choosing that you are comfortable with and that shows the level you are at)

Once an instrument has been chosen, it can be purchased used, through the newspaper or at garage sales. If you are interested in renting an instrument, Meyer Music is a good place to start. In addition to an instrument, each member will need a folding music stand and a required music book.

Choir members do not audition but the director will be available on August 27th to meet and answer questions.

Dates and times to remember:

Friday, August 13th - a chance to try instruments and meet the director(s) OR audition for those who wish to be any instrumental group other than beginning band. (10:00 - noon) Morris Baptist Center - 146 Indian Ave - Lawrence.

Friday, August 27th - instrumental auditions for intermediate level groups and jazz band. Morris Baptist Center - 146 Indian Ave - Lawrence.

Friday, September 10th - all the groups begin rehearsing - semester fees are due.

Questions about any of the groups or to sign up, contact:

Martha Bachert - Founder and Executive Director

785-841-6308 - or