Saturday, September 18, 2010

Off to a wonderful start

Hello Encore Families,

We are off to a great start this semester. Honestly, I can't ever remember hearing such great sounds coming out of the rehearsals this early in the year. Yesterday was our second rehearsal, for some it was their first rehearsal - it sounded like a groups that have been meeting longer than just two times.

We still have a couple of kids on vacation, and we will still take new members so if you know of students that would like a fine arts experience, pass on our website and contact information.

For band and orchestra - always bring your music stand, your book, and accessories that might be needed like reeds, rosin, valve oil, etc.... Practice every day - it makes a huge difference!

For those in ninth - twelfth grade, we have a fine arts "lettering" opportunity. It is about accumulating points throughout the year. There is an option of ordering a chenille music note and various pins. Let me know if you are interested.

Everyone needs to practice assigned music so they are prepared for rehearsals every week. Private lessons, although not required, do add to the overall musical experience for students. I can help you locate a teacher if you are interested.

For those interested in competing musically, there are at least two options open to homeschooler's. They take place in the spring, but it is time to think about them long before the end of this year. These "festivals" are for vocal, strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, piano, and drama, public speaking, art, photography, jewelry making, etc. If this interests you or your student, be sure to ask me about the different opportunities.

If you haven't signed the group roster with your name, email, and phone number - please see me on Friday. I want to get an updated email list and don't want to leave anyone out. Most of my correspondence will be through this site, but there will also be times when I need to send out group emails.

The music directors and I are very excited about this year. Thank you for taking part in our program. We have a lot of fun but a lot is accomplished.

Once a date has been planned for the Christmas recital, I will pass it on.