Sunday, December 12, 2010

Recital and end of semester reminders

* This coming Friday, December 17th, will be our end of semester recital. The recital will begin at 10:30 but the kids are to be there earlier for tuning and warming up.

* PLEASE NOTE: The recital is at the same location we meet each week - The Morris Center.

Beginning band and beginning orchestra are to arrive by 9:00.

* Intermediate band, jazz band, and intermediate orchestra are to arrive and be ready to tune and warm up at 9:30.

* Choirs are to arrive and work with Mr. Gaskin at 10:00.

* No need to dress up for the recital.

* Second semester starts on January 7th.

* This is the week to bring cookies/brownies/etc to your child's director, if that is something you would like to do.

* There is still time to sign up for the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival. The Festival is in March but membership dues must be paid by the end of this month. There are many areas to compete in - call me if you are interested in this. It is an affordable and homeschool friendly competition.

The kids had a great rehearsal on Friday!

Email or call with questions - 785-841-6308 (home) - 785-865-3422 (cell) -
See you all on Friday!