Saturday, September 3, 2011

One week and counting

A week from yesterday we begin rehearsing. Summer certainly went fast for me.

Please read the post below this for all the important information regarding the groups, times, etc.

For those that don't already know, I am teaching a sewing class during rehearsals, but will still be available for the musicians and parents if need be. Don't be shy to knock on the door of the room in the back - across from the ladies restroom.

I do have a few openings left for the 10am and 1pm class, if you have a student that would like to take a beginning sewing class. The sewing class website can be found by clicking here.

There are also a few openings left in the percussion ensemble - no experience necessary, or you can already know how to play - all levels are welcome. Scroll down through a few posts below for information about this group and when they meet.

It isn't too late to sign up for any of our groups, if you haven't already. There is time to get an instrument as well. We have an incentive program for families that bring another family into our group - that info is in the post below.

I know of a few instrument that are for sale: a trumpet, a full-size viola, a 3/4 cello, a full AND half-sized violin. Email me for contact information if you are looking for one of these instruments.

I also have some metal folding music stands for sale. I will have them at the first rehearsal and they sell for $3.00 each. They do not have cases. There will be a limited amount of used, some very used, band method books for sale - those are $1.00 each. Since they are written to a specific instrument, some instruments may not be represented in the collection I have.

Beautiful Music has new orchestra books and The Band-Aide may have some new band books and they also can order reeds and other needed supplies that your musician may need over the year. We have order forms available on Fridays. The newer books have a CD in the back and that is very helpful for practicing between rehearsals.

See you all on the 9th!