Thursday, October 27, 2011

School Pictures

Encore members are welcome to have their school pictures taken on Friday, November 11th - same location as band and choir. Here is information regarding this opportunity:

Steven Hertzog Of Creative Road Studio (formerly Linwood Road Studio) has again agreed to take school pictures for TEACH. Picture Day is scheduled for Friday, November 11, 2011 from 12:30-2 pm at the parsonage , next door to the Morris Baptist Center (146 Indian Avenue, Lawrence).

There are a few changes this year. The time of pictures is shortened to 90 minutes and since we have a small group, they need a pre-order of $18.50 for each individual they photograph payable at the time of the session. A sibling shot will be an additional $18.50.

The $18.50 is package 'D' which includes:
1 5x7
4 3.5x5
8 mini wallets

They will deliver to TEACH to hand out proof sheets consisting of 4 poses to choose from. If at that time, someone wants to order more than a package 'D', and/or additional add ons you can do so. If you decide to purchase a more expensive package than 'D', you can do so and deduct the $18.50 from what the more expensive package costs.

For example:
If a customer chooses to purchase package 'A' valued at $50 instead of package 'D' valued at $18.50, they can deduct the $18.50 already paid from the $50 and when they return their order simply write a check for the balance which would be in this case $31.50.
Steven Hertzog
4160 Blackjack Oak Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66047
phone/fax 785 856-1216