Monday, August 13, 2012

Rehearsals begin September 7th

We are so excited about beginning this rehearsal year.  New families have joined us, a new group (Jazz II) has been formed, percussion ensemble has been successful and will continue, and all the other groups will be up and running with a lot of talent!

Please note rehearsal time changes - noted on the right-hand side of this site - under "schedule".

This affects Jazz II, both strings groups, and adv/jazz I band, extending the day to accommodate all the groups.

I need some help from parents this year, someone in each group to hang around to be an extra set of eyes and ears.  Several parents can take turns, if that helps.  We don't expect a parent to sit in on a rehearsal that their student isn't in - just hanging around to supervise if need be during your child's rehearsal.

My husband fell off a ladder and is home-bound for 12 weeks or more, plus has a lot of physical therapy to do.  I need to run home a few times throughout the day on Friday, to check on him.

I will offer sewing classes this year - if you need information about that, email me at for more information - OR check out the sewing site at

Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer - it went by way too fast for my liking!