Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Encore Homeschool Fine Arts, in Lawrence, KS, will be starting their 14th year - offering a musical education program to homeschooled students

Encore will be offering an opportunity to try out various band and orchestra instruments, for those wishing to join our group. We have offered this for the past five years and have found it to be successful.  Students have a chance to try any instrument that is available that day. The goal is to find a good match between the student and instrument, and move toward a great musical experience as a member of our group.

Mark your calendar for, Wednesday August 3rd  - from 10am to noon. We will meet at the Morris Baptist Center - 146 Indian Ave. - in Lawrence.  Students and their families can come and meet the directors, try instruments, learn about our groups, and ask questions. The choir director will be there to answer any questions as well.

An instrument repair person will be available that day for those who already have an instrument and want it evaluated or repaired. Information regarding places to rent or purchase new or used instruments will be available as well.

The levels of band, orchestra and choir for this year, are based on enrollment but we are planning on the following:

Beginning Band
- no musical experience required

Beginning Strings - no musical experience required

Concert Band - audition required

Intermediate Strings - audition required

Jazz Band - audition AND enrollment in a band or strings group.

Percussion Ensemble - no previous musical experience is required - students provide a 5 gallon bucket, a pair of drumsticks, a music stand, and a $3.00 copy fee.

Elementary Choir - no musical experience or audition required

Jr. High/Sr. High Choir 
- no musical experience or audition required

Guitar Ensemble - no previous musical experience required

Pre-School Music - designed for the 3 - 6 year old

Audition info: For those students that wish to be in intermediate/advanced groups or jazz, an audition with the director will be required - no audition is required for beginning groups. The student prepares a piece of music that demonstrates their ability and then play it for the director.  Students wishing to audition for a director can do that on the same day of the meet and greet.

Email contact: hsmom@sbcglobal.net

Rehearsals start on September 9th, we meet on Fridays at the Morris Baptist Center - in Lawrence. 

Choir: Jr/Sr High Choir meets at 9am, Elementary Choir meets at 10am

Band: Beginning meets at 9am, Concert Band meets at 10am, Jazz Band meets at 11am

Strings: Beginning Strings meets at 12pm, Intermediate Strings meet at 1pm

Percussion: Tentatively meeting at 1pm

Pre-School Music: Tentatively meeting at 11am

Fees: All band and strings groups are $95. per semester - there is a fee reduction for families with two or more students, in groups with the same director. 

Choir fees are $70. per semester - with a fee reduction for families with two or more students, in groups with the same director.

Guitar fees are $95. per semester, there is a fee reduction for families with two or more students, in groups with the same director.

There is a further reduction in fees for families that bring in new members for band, strings, choir, and guitar ensemble.

Percussion fees are $70. per semester.

Pre-School Music fees are $70.00 per semester.

Ages: Choir begins for kids in Kindergarten on. We typically start kids in band as 4th graders and up. 

Strings starts with a younger student, and in some cases, a parent enrolls and takes strings with the younger student. Accepting a young student (below 9 years old)) into the strings class is dependent on the director, and determined on an individual basis.

Students in band, strings, and guitar will need to bring a music stand to rehearsals each week, and purchase a book from the director.

Contact info: Martha Bachert - Founder and Executive Director - hsmom@sbcglobal.net - 785-841-6308